Welcome to patrickblindauer.com! Happy April! The 9 images above (and the calories given) will lead you to my favorite snack this time of year. Feel free to email me for confirmation, if you like.

And in case you haven't heard, my latest Puzzlefest, "Xword University," is available for purchase! Solve the interconnected crosswords which lead to the meta-answer, then send your answer to me for the chance to win all of my puzzle books! Every correct answer will receive a spot on the Dean's List and an Honorary Bachelor's Degree in Enigmatology, suitable for framing. Enroll in Xword U. and let your geek flag fly!

Look around, enjoy yourself, and let me know if there's anything I can do to make your brain happier while you're here!


Puzzling News

  • Will Shortz's 37th Annual American Crossword Puzzle Tournament will run March 7-9, 2014 at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott, Brooklyn, NY. Come join in the fun and have a beer with me (or a root beer, if you're not old enough for a beer yet--I'm looking at you, Steinberg!).
  • What did Rex Parker think of the NYT crossword today? Was it smooth as Silk or crunchy and Krozelly? Did he blaze through in record time or get hung up in a corner thanks to the totally wack BHT? Did he think it contained any Naticks (and what the heck is a Natick, anyway)?
  • What did Crossword Fiend and Co. think of the major crosswords today?
  • wordplay
    What did Deb Amlen think of the NYT crossword today?
  • xwordinfo
    What did Jeff Chen have to say about today's NYT crossword?
  • A superb resource for constructors. Cruciverb has terrific search tools, word lists, and more.

Xword University (College Puzzlefest)

I have launched my 5th Puzzlefest (an interconnected collection of crosswords with a final metapuzzle) and you can join in the festivities! Enroll now so you have time to solve the meta-puzzle and be eligible for the puzzly prize drawing on April 27th!.


Get the entire scoop here!

Lollapuzzoola 7

For the 7th year in a row, solvers will gather in a church basement to solve creative crosswords, play games, and have a gay old time in a tournament called Lollapuzzoola. You need be neither gay nor old to compete, but it probably wouldn't hurt. We don't discriminate based on anything, so come one, come all (even you, Steinberg)! Oh, and look at that: we're on Wikipedia.

American Values Club Crossword

The AVCX is an independent weekly crossword edited by Ben Tausig. Its current constructors are Aimee Lucido, Brendan Emmett Quigley, Byron Walden, Caleb Madison, Francis Heaney, Ben Tausig, Tyler Hinman, Zoe Wheeler and me!


The themes tend to be highly original and are often wickedly funny, with clues that stretch your brain in different directions and would be rated PG-13 if they were movies. Try one for only $1 and if you don't like it, you clearly have no taste.